Prepare to be Tantalized: Nick Hakim


When you hail from Washington D.C., the center of Go-Go and Funk Music, you become a part of a very large musical puzzle. In Nick Hakim‘s case, being raised in a Chilean and Peruvian household has influenced a large range of musical diversity from hip-hop to traditional folk music. With an early admiration for Marvin Gaye and Harry Nilsson, you can feel this fresh-faced twenty-three year olds heart-felt lyricism and woeful emotion. The ambient feels of his music grasp Hakim’s vulnerability, intimate attitude, and psychedelic sound. Having had the opportunity to touch the stage with Maxwell (2014) and the ever-so graceful Emily King (2013), Nick Hakim’s music is taking a new toll on Alternative Soul. After the release his freshman EP, Where Will We Go Pt.1 & Pt. 2 link , we got a small taste of what is to come from this amazing talent.


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