The Juice in Your Gin: Suff Daddy


Have you ever listened to a fairy orgasm? No? Then you haven’t listened to Berlin’s own Suff Daddy. Maybe I’m little dramatic, but his music puts me in a happy place. So what happened was, I was creeping through the comments on a YouTube channel, and someone said “Suff Daddy brought me here“. How could you not listen to an artist with a name like that? It was “Pattern Select”, and it was one of those moments where you had to stare at your phone to make sure that that was where the magic was coming from.

His distinctive mixture of melodies and bass bangers, are the key factors behind his production. Throughout the advancement of his career, we have been able to watch his talent progress. He takes risks on mixes that many artists aren’t able to achieve. Recently he dropped his latest project with Jakarta Records entitled “Pumpkin Like Reeboks”  which feeds sweet vibes. Suff Daddy gives us that soulful hip-hop on the record, it’s not about fancy auto-tunes and drum-kicks, it’s the simplicity of the beat that makes it an experience.

Don’t get it twisted the man is a DJ, a producer and an excellent collaborator. Just last November, Suff Daddy, Dexter, and Brenk Sinatra also known as Betty Ford Boys released “Retox”. A collection of Hip-Hop wonder. They took that underground Hip-Hop feel added funk, gave it a sprinkle of Chill-wave, and just a tiny dash of Metal.

Now Fall in Love!


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