Ruff and Stuff with: Ledeunff


Jumpstarting your solo career is probably a scary situation, but when you have hair like this guy it’s no worries. Also, as a member of Hocus Pocus, a French Hip-Hop group, Ledeunff has had his share of stardom and music hits.  But with a blooming career in progress, he has taken the same vibe he shares with the group and transformed it into a range of world influences. From funk to reggae to electronic illusions, he has given his music a fluidity that seems old yet new. By old I mean you get a Raul Midon and Muddy Waters feel to his music with a new generation twist. He shared his adventurous music plots in his first solo project ” My Storm”  released last year.  Each song carries a broad range of instrumentation, vocal variety and even a IAMBNOBODI remix of “My Storm”.  Although his music is enough to become a fan, Ledeunff has a plethora of covers on his YouTube channel to pick from. My favorite is his live performance of  “Caution” by Bob Marley, which includes Aymeric Maini on the electric guitar. His music is a journey in itself, so do yourself a favor and listen to it!


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