Hip-Hop Solitude: Jay Prince


Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like you all to meet Jay Prince coming at you live from London. Granted he isn’t a new artist, but has a fresh new sound with a growing perspective on his environment. The beauty of his work, is that as the audience we are able to watch his work/career grow.  His nostalgic 1990’s wave is personified by spoken word lyricism and heartfelt emotion. With a Common like chill ass vibe, Jay gave us numerous projects from Lounge in Paris to his latest creation BeFor Our Time. As the songwriter, producer and artist, he explores his way through chilling beats and storytelling. In light of his EP, Jay also released a short film entitled Notes where we follow his daily routine and artistic composition. He describes it as a ” Short film of an artist finding themselves through experiences of life and art, an insight and a reflection of what goes through the mind of the artist when in the creative process and becoming better.”.

Big tings *Jamaican accent* on the rise for this young man and we’re just here for the ride.

My current favorite tune off BeFor Our Time is “4U/Lately”,  it’s seductive and quite frankly the song you wanna slow dance with your boo thing to. Hope to see him live when I get to London!


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