MEOWWW: Kitty Cash


When you’ve been given the prestigious title of “The Female Dj Khaled” and then to be told by DJ Khaled himself that you’re loyal and he’s sees you hustling, you know you’re out here doing big things. This lady right here is remarkable, I got the chance to see her live twice and ate up every moment of it. My most memorable time was when she was the house DJ for Blood Orange’s Summer Stage performance, I thought it was gonna be a small scene DJ, but nope it was the Kitty herself and I was overjoyed *cries in black excellence*. She takes your classic Jodeci tracks chop and screws them , then drops a Trap banger and just to finish you off with some new ish you’ve never heard before. She’s full of mysteries, which makes her mixes even more refreshing. Other then being a fetch (yes, i’m making it happen) DJ, she produces her own tapes which carry a plethora or genres. She’s the Music Whisperer, and if you go back to the beginning of her career, you’ll see that she has had the opportunity to work with some of pops, hip-hops, and indies current all-stars like Vic Mensa, Phony Ppl, Willow Smith etc. Earlier this year Kitty dropped “Garnet” where she created a spacey glitter remix of The Dreams “Luv Songs”. Also after the buzz of her wicked set at NYFW, I’m excited to see what else Kitty has up her sleeve.




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