Love.Over.Everything.: MoRuf


New Jerusalem, USA, known to outsiders as New jersey, is where he hails from and Soul-Hop , a mixture of jazz, soul, and hip-hop, is his blossoming territory. Usually when you go to a concert you never truly pay attention to the opening acts (unless you’re really feeling it), and in this particular case I was. It was Solanges show at George Washington University prior to the release of her Saint Heron Album and she had Iman Omari, Ill Camille, and of course MoRuf opening up the show. I was already a growing fan of Imans, but the energy that filled the room when he brought out Ill Camille and Moruf intensified.  Every song performed became my jam and I played it over and over, but the one song that really resonated with me was Too Late with Iman and MoRuf. As weeks progressed I got the chance to dig into who MoRuf was as an artist and got to really appreciate his work.

My forever favorite from him is Homie.Lover.Friend. (feat Jessie Boykins III) it’s every hopeless romantics story that quite frankly belongs on a Black Love soundtrack.   He’s a natural performer on the stage and through his music you hear that his lyrics come from experience and connectivity. On one of his most popular albums Shades of Moo, we got a sense who he he is as a person and how the loss of a loved one, the gratefulness of love, and the sincere appreciation for life built his character.  MoRuf’s style of Hip-Hop is a nice change of pace and I can’t wait to see what else he has for the world. True L.O.E. vibes.

Random Fact: My Twitter name is based of his song Tangerine/her. lol


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