New Video Release!: Phony Ppl


My boos My favorite band, Phony Ppl, released the visuals for their song “helGa” off their fourth album Yesterday’s Tomorrow that came out earlier this year. These Brooklynites, have been advancing their style of music since 2012, and this cute young love video is reminiscent of every 90’s baby’s favorite show “Hey Arnold”. This jazzy little tune caught the hearts of all of their listeners, and finally we get a gleeful video with a much younger lead vocalist Elbee Thrie, as a chocolate Arnold well aware of Helga’s feelings towards him.  The video premiered on NPR, and shortly after announcing the release, Phony tweeted that they “Gotta Make Music For Generations to Come.. Pho The Kids”; we couldn’t agree more. The imagination of the young lovers blossoms through the animation of Kid Super and direction of Yashxana.

Much Love to the Team!


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