Young Queens: KING


All the coconut oil, black soap, and black girl magic in the world couldn’t have dreamnt of the awesomeness that is KING. With the artistic support of Prince and D’angelo, these young ladies have been having a soulful impact on some of the most historic names in music. With their nostalgic instrumentation and vocal fluidity, their music feels like what it is to fall deeply in love. Their voices are so effortlessly crafted and flawlessly harmonized, that they’ve created this utopian essence of neo-soul music.  The trio consists of twin sisters Paris and Amber Strother and their musical counterpart Anita Bias, together these ladies released their self-titled EP project in 2011, which had 3 very individual soulful tracks “The Story” “Supernatural” and “Hey”. Their most popular song “Hey” was later sampled on Kendrick Lamar’s “Chapter SIx” and Su Bviley’s “The World to You/Tiffany’s Notes”.  KING’s breezy sound has been covered hundred of times on YouTube and their lovely faces graced the cover of Greenroom Magazine.

I’m excited to hear some new tunes from these ladies! Below is their NPR session.. tune in and love it!


One thought on “Young Queens: KING

  1. New music is always exciting but its 10x times more exciting when they actually are amazing! So thanks for putting me on to a new sound. Great blog for music lovers.


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