The Importance of Music Festivals!



It’s almost Summertime!!! Therefore it’s almost that time to pack your blanket, a bottle of wine, and your favorite group of people and hit an outdoor show. Because I am from NYC, I am a little biased towards our free, cheap and expensive outdoor activities. So with all the fun things to do in the Summer like Afropunk, Summerstage, and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) how can you not live for the Summer. But, the real question is are you seeing the value in these festivals.. what do you hope to gain when you attend them ?

No matter the Festival, outdoor music is a collective of creativity. It is a space where people go to unwind and share an experience with others. You’re supposed to attend them with an open mind and heart that you’ll meet some really unique individuals and vibe out with them for the entire time. There’s is no way you wouldn’t want some time to be around people that share your taste in music, fashion, and lifestyle for a few hours. Music festivals are a place where you are free to be your red blooded self and no one is allowed (by unwritten code) to judge you. If you wanna wear short shorts, GO AHEAD, if you wanna pull a titty out, GO FOR IT, if you wanna wear full on leather, IT’S YOUR DECISION. Ofcourse you will have those immature folks that won’t be able to handle you in all of your Summertime freedom, but you know what, there is going to be someone right there beside you to follow your foolishness. You’re living in an open space of love and good vibes, let the music festival soak it up.


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