Photo: Rosie Matheson

The Heartstrings: Kojey Radical

Photo: Rosie MathesonPhoto: Rosie Matheson

When you close your eyes and listen to spoken word, you’re supposed to conceptualize the emotion the artists is putting into their words.  The most popular of topics in poetry are love found and love lost; something in your heart slows down and hopes to find an answer in the poets words. Kojey Radical, is that poet.

Kojey’s music shows passion for his art, but most importantly it draws you in and creates a euphoric experience. His music is organic, by taking time to make sure that his words are concise and flow with ease. Overall his music makes you really happy to listen to. His most recent project Bambu is a creative masterpiece by PUSHCRAYONS and got more of the worlds attention which led to hashtag  #DontSleeponKojey on twitter.

So if you’re reading this! The last thing you want to do is sleep on this young mans talent.


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