Post Elliot

Rebirth of Slick: Hawk House

Post Elliot

Photo: Post Elliot 

If you don’t understand the title of this post you should look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a firm talking to because 1993 was a year to be remembered.  Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) was one of the most popular songs by Digable Planets a rap trio out of Brooklyn who incorporated Jazz, Hip-Hop and Funk into their mixes. So, of course I’m gonna make that connection when I talk about Hawk House.

It’s simple really, I mean with all the diamond encrusted rap groups out today that distribute pure trash and call it music; we got Hawk House slowly pushing but ensuring high quality tracks. With their EP Handshake to The Brain released in 2014, they take the listener on a melodic vibe ride with 1990’s essence and eclectic lyrical flow. What I love most about them is that their very individual styles create a dynamic fluidity that meshes so seamlessly together. These young emcee’s are emerging to the scene not to sell a glamorous gangsta lifestyle with drugs, hoes, and clothes; they spit knowledge. That’s Love.


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