Following Your Mind Through Verse

Sitting here, slighting intoxicated from Super Bowl aftermath, I got my laptop open to word vomit. The things that I have been trying to understand as a poor 22 year old in NYC, have been slowly finding answers through music. My headphones are my safe haven.

When you want to cry- get your headphones

When you don’t know what else to do-get your headphones

When life is a mess in general-get your headphones

No, I am not a musician. I do not write raps about childhood neglect or sonnets of sorrow. What I know best, is that in my most trying times thus far, there have always been a few songs that have had the answers when I couldn’t figure it out alone. You SERIOUSLY have be mindful of the messages the Universe sends you ( yes, I did just say that). There will be times we break into a million pieces and crumble to the floor, that’s natural, it’s going to happen to all of us and sometimes it will hurt (temporarily). Sometimes you need to sit down in a quiet space for a minute, and find a voice outside of yourself and in the lyrics of someone else.

Currently, a romance has been buzzing between myself and all things Anderson Paak and his latest work MalibuIf only there were a way for me to wrap myself in it for a few hours a day to feel it’s warmth and jazzy pulsations all over. Yes, it is that deep!

Below are some of my current everyday songs to get my day going! Happy Monday and always remember your headphones.



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