Fear of Flying: INTALEKT


There’s a void that fills your chest when you’re flying. About 3,000 feet in the air and it’s you and just you very suddenly. You become tense, nervous, panicky, and at the very moment you think you’re really about to lose your shit.. everything just becomes okay. You come to your senses that if everyone else around you hasn’t lost it yet then you should have more confidence in yourself. That’s just it, that’s Intalekt‘s music.

After a bit of creeping around on the web, and finding the best way to slide into his DM’s, I was lucky enough to ask him some questions. Check it out below ūüôā !

Q: How did you get the name Intalekt? and Why that Spelling?

A:¬†I gave myself that name lol. When I was younger I thought I was a smart guy and thought I was quite intellectual. Looking back at it now, ‘not so smart’ would’ve suited me. Lol…I thought it was cool plus I liked the irony in being so intellectual and not spelling it correctly. Shows the naivety in the name.

Q: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue and was it always something you were surrounded by as a kid ?

A:¬†I knew I wanted to do music when I was around 7 or 8. I heard a guy play keys in church and it was like nothing I had ever heard before. That’s when I wanted to start playing the keyboard. I was surrounded by music when I was a kid, most of it was gospel. My folks are reverends.

Q: Wow interesting, how do they support you with your musical aspirations?

A:¬†They’re very supportive. They’ve supported me physically and financially. I’m sure they were worried at first but they’ve warmed up to it. I know what I’ve got is rare, African parents that see creation as a trade, so I’m very appreciative and grateful.

Q: That’s really beautiful! Most people would say the exact opposite… Who are some of the artists that you feel influence your sound?

A: Well it varies to be honest. One of my biggest [inspirations] is Dilla, Madlib, Kanye West, Pharrell, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Jamiroquai, Iman Omari, Knxledge, Terrace Martin etc. the list goes on

Q:¬†Other than Fear Of Flying (FOF) being my jam, I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to Comfortable. What gave you the inspiration behind that song ? is that a situation you’ve found yourself in a few times? lol

A:¬†I have found myself in that situation a couple of times and I wanted to capture that in my music. There’s that ‘Nothing else matters’ feeling that you get when you’re with a significant other. But there’s something about that feeling you get when you’re falling for someone lol.

Q: Where do you see you and your music in the next 3? Also are there some artists that you would kill to work with? no matter local or mainstream.

A: In the next 3, I see myself established in the music industry and with a production team. As far as artists to work with, it changes constantly. In the future I would love to work with Shantéh Fuller, Emmavie, Ray Blk, Wolfie, Jarreau Vandal, Hiatus Kaiyote,  Anderson Paak, Goldlink , Chance the Rapper the list could go on for days.

Q: Finally, When could we expect some more tunes from you? 

A:¬†Well, I’ve got a few tracks coming out on compilations, a¬†few remixes coming, and some production for other artists. Hopefully some visuals and a live show in the next few months too.

It was really sweet getting to ask Intalekt some questions, he’s a really humble gent! So with some back story about what makes his music tick.. take a listen below! Maybe if you’re in the UK you’ll be able to check him live too.



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