Throw it Back Thursday


Freshman year in college, I had a roommate who was as southern as southern could get. So every morning at 6 am, in preparation for our 8 am class, her alarm would BLAST Sissy Nobby’s ‘Beat it Out The Frame’. At first, I would be absolutely blown, but as the days went on I grew an unspoken love for New Orleans bounce music. No matter how hard I tried I wouldn’t get my hips to rotate in the perfect 360° .

Sissy Nobby, has been named as one of New Orleans most under appreciated greats, which is absolutely freaking true. With the world gone wild over ‘twerking‘, like the rest of us weren’t backing that ass for the 99’s to the 2000’s. Why don’t we talk about the colorful, raspy and outlandish character that is Sissy Nobby? Granted, I know I have a lot to learn about all that is real bounce, but this was the first of it’s kind I have ever heard of and that was 2011. But hey, between ‘Beat it Out The Frame’ and ‘Gitty Up’ i’ll always love me some Sissy Nobby.

Lucky for us, she hasn’t stopped the hustle and continues to bring us the bounce we deserve. Follow her soundcloud here!

Throw it ALL the way back for Thursday !



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