Love is For The Brave: Tank and The Bangas

Yesterday I had to stretch my hands and yell a Godly woman’s “YAS!!!!” when I heard this woman bellow. This 5 piece band, Tank and the Bangas brought their unique sound to life at their recent NPR tiny desk performance.


As a listener with an affinity for love songs,  I was absolutely taken by every word lead singer Tarriona “Tank” Ball sang. The soft melody and dancing back vocals brought you a whirlwind of emotions. There was thriving passion in their song Rollercoasters , full of childhood nostalgia describing every emotion you could never put words at that time. Prior to performing Tank spoke on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Specifically, how the storm took Amusement park Jazz Land from New Orleans, but how the love she experienced there remained and will ultimately remain forever.

Of course that wasn’t the only song Tank and The Bangas performed, but it was the one that spoke directly to me. Hopefully you too will be able to find a song that evokes distinct emotions. Take a listen to their projects “Think Tank” and “The Big Bang Theory: Live at Gasa Gasa”.

“Rollercoasters were for people like me who have never been in love. I believe we all want to know how it feels to just fall”- Tank and The Bangas


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