The New Mecca: THEM People

CHICAGO. A city of many tales, but what can never be denied about this city is their undeniable edge to produce talent. With legends like the incomparable Herbie Hancock, Johnny Griffin, and Ramsey Lewis hailing from the city of Jazz radicalization; the windy city has cultivated artists to support all Black movements. One young musical collective known as THEM People are slowly voicing the new revolution through their roots of Jazz, Experimental Soul and Hip Hop.

THEM People is as multi-faceted as they come, not only showcasing their lyrical ability and writing talents but their ear for production as well. They have been credited on one of 2017’s favorite projects; Smino’s Blkswn (Mar 2017). The collective is composed of Michael Anthony, Sean Deaux , Ben Hixon, Lon Renzell (L Boogie)  and numerous affiliates that bring their unique talents to the team.  Their creative energies combined brought them together with artists like Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, Noname, Flying Lotus etc. the list could truly go on. To say the least, THEM People have had tremendous growth in their sound and we can look forward to much more from them.

“Pardon my facetiousness dear, but each of us here, breaching the brink of genius in the blink of an ear” -Ghetto Innovation 



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