Live: Sampa The Great

Kicking off my first concert in London, I was able to catch Sampa The Great at Birthdays in Dalston. Granted by “run up” I mean take 19 stops on the 243 bus after work just to be surrounded by positive energy and people that naturally loved GOOD music. But it was worth it bitch!


After awkwardly sitting at the bar with a Henny & Ginger Ale trying to warm up after coming in from 40 degree chill, I was able to find my nook in the basement near the stage and wait. The first opener was a Miraa May who started with a mashup including the bad bitch anthem “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B then harmonized us to heaven with  “Benji” off her N15 EP. Next up we had Zach Said  heading up to perform who proceeded to rock it! One song in particular “Craving” from his EP Contrast about a girl he wanted to sleep with, but the feeling was unreciprocated was electric.

Now that everyone was settling into the space, the DJ was warming us up to Hip Hop & Reggae classics that brought back some quality barbecue memories and childhood fondness. But as the energy hit it’s climax, Sampa hit the stage.

As expected she came heavy and shut shit down. After coming off a lengthy tour with Joey Bada$$, we felt her gratefulness from the audience and it resonated with us all. Her quick flow and witty transitions from Blue Boss to Lauryn Hill vibrated F E M A L E Hip Hop energy throughout the stage.

I’m not one to sit with my phone up throughout the concert, but I was able to capture a quality moment from yesterday. Guys, if she drops in your area be sure to grab hold of some tickets and vibe.

P.S: She hinted at a Mixtape from this this Friday, stay on the lookout!




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