Live: Princess Nokia

Walked into blue lights, smoke machines, and people actually dancing to the music rather than some stush hypebeasts bops. Getting the party started for the night was Pxssy Palace described as a collective of ultimate acceptance and welcoming pussy’s of all shapes, sizes and physicality’s (you can’t even be mad at that, unless you pussy). Playing everything you can imagine from Garage to Grime all things that make for a solid party. Then with the smoothest tradition on the decks we had BBZ London another collective welcoming all things of color and queer identifying that brought the rump-shakers to the crowd and the stage.

Shout out to that! Wanna party with them again click here if you dare.

russian boy.gif

Round of applause to Kero Kero Bonito (KKB) man, I mean they were really out here with stuffed animals on their station having a grand time. Full of color and excitement, the group was led by Sarah Midori Perry with the cutest voice over some rugged beats by Gus Lobban & Jamie Bulled. They danced with and held up some strange objects while performing, but their fun made us have fun and I was 100% here for it.


The divine femme. She hit the stage and BOOM, the crowd went fucking nuts. Needless to say, I was amazed and warmed by how much love she received from the London crowd. Knowing that a girl from NYC who always represents women of color and the LGBT community with a pure essence has made it. With her lil’ titties and her fat belly she got on top of the stage blockers and dapped up fans even reached out for some roses whilst setting the rules for the show. Before anything else, she let everyone know that it was a safe space for women.  How could you not love her!?

Once things got really crazy, she set everything on fire and I ended up having a damn blast. Def a show to see! maybe not from the ground floor cause they were getting wild down there (unless thats your thing beloved).




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