Opulence: Charlotte Dos Santos

If you stood on the highest peak on the Carribbean sea and held a conch shell close to your ear, you would hear the honey melodies of Charlotte Dos Santos.  Her empowering voice could make the most modest woman run nude into the water.

This Norweigen songstress, took her tender sounds to our ears with the Summer release of Cleo. With the crafty art of making R&B weird while simultaneously making us wanna fall like MJB (Mary J Blige ya’ll), Charlotte draws inspiration from a variety of genres scaling from Jazz to Blues to Classical. Her vocal delivery and ease of instrumental improvisation got the attention from Giles Peterson, Boiler Room and even Big Boi. I was lucky enough to discover her on Fresh Selects while casually scrolling through my Soundcloud feed and haven’t turned back since.

Take a moment and see what you love, and share that love with your people. If you’re in Paris, she’ll be performing alongside Fatima & The Eglo Live Band at New Morning December 9th. Learn more here!

“Baby, there’s something I gotta tell you
Our love hasn’t been the easiest but
I just wanted to
Say thank you for sticking me through”

-Move On



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