Live: Robert Glasper + Bilal

To be absolutely fair, this was not as much of a concert than it was a live jam session. The Pop-Up show at Rich Mix followed a very sold-out show at the illustrious Barbican Centre and gave all of us slow movers the chance to catch what we missed.

As we all walked in the tech team was still checking wires and getting mics sorted making sure the sound was right, and even had Robert come up to make sure everything was to his liking. It was a very authentic feeling, almost like hanging at a kick-back with friends catching up on our glory days. A real 1:1 connection; just us and the band.

When Robert hit the stage, he sat comfortably in his swivel chair and got straight to business. Without glimpsing down to the keys, he gave us a glimpse of the night to come. Once the rest of the band got to playing and Bilal touched the stage, everything felt balanced and the room fell silent. We started off on a more melodic vibe and slowly picked up the energy to what eventually felt like Sunday service.

I really wish I formulate the correct words to let you how I felt the entire time. But it’s really inexplicable, when you’re surround by such talent many whom you have been fighting to get tickets to see and finally there you are dead center.


All in all, I had a marvellous time and if I could do it all again I would. Both of these artists have impacted the way I listen to music and I couldn’t have been more elated to have seen them live on the same stage. LOVE.

Just an example of what it was like this weekend:







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