Live: Daniel Caesar

After a truly shit day at work, the only thing I needed today was the solitude of a concert and Daniel’s sweet somber voice on this Monday evening. While typing away at work that quite frankly doesn’t move me to emotional climax, I rolled my happy ass out of my chair at 6 PM to make it to KOKO at 6:30 to see a line wrapped 2 times around itself. DAMN. In the blistering cold while 18 year olds downed bottles of wine, I stood there for at least 1 hour and just watched people go by. Some ran to their friends others to their lovers and others were just trying to bypass the crowd and make it to their families. No matter where they were going you felt an easy energy over the soon-to-be audience.

By the time I actually made it inside, all I could see where red lights and heads everywhere. Lucky after grabbing my go-to double Hennessy shot, I was able to find nook upstairs and got cozy. Mr. DJ (we didn’t get his actual name) was making some pretty hectic transitions, but there were a few jams sprinkled in there i.e “No Scrubs” Destiny’s Child and “Controlla” Drake. It actually felt like 6+ hours.

THEN. The singers in their all black and the guitarist with their rippled hair, all mounted the stage and marked their bases. Suddenly the lights went purple which illuminated the cafe-like light set-ups in the back and multi-pattern carpet set design. The crowd actually lost themselves and already had camera flashes on and were screaming at the tops of their lungs. After a few more “I love you, Daniel” chants, he hit the stage.

I was mesmerised by him, and the gospel subtleness of his voice was angelic. Although I had heard his concerts were an experience, I needed this moment right here more than I could have imagined; It was right on time. Every word he sang truly was necessary pain and intimated feelings I personally needed to relive. He was truly remarkable live and granted the KOKO is an old school venue, but he did it so much justice.

Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the moment I forgot to take any videos or photos. It’s like that sometimes folks. Next Time!!




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